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For last 40 years the international goods turnover has increased by 1500 %

Time, April 13, 1998

In the future there will be two kinds of the companies – fast and dead.

David Wais ”Northern Telecom”
Peters T., Liberation Management, Alfred P.Knopf, New York, 1992

Trade relations take a special place in formation of mankind culture and include centuries-old traditions, set of rules, changing and being transformed, eventually, remain the same, as centuries ago – profit reception, sale of a product.

One of leading aspects of successful trade is the relation of the seller to the product and to the potential buyer.

Formation of own buyer through this relation. It is so-called philosophy of trade.

Complex use of technologies and tools of dialogue with a society in proportions known only to experts – this is the pledge of successful, open communications with the set target groups irrespective of product or service specificity.