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Creative Research Agency

If you do not say what you think, if you listen what you don’t trust in, if you do what you don’t like – all this time you don’t live at all.

Han Hsiang Tzu, Sun Age, Х century

You sell the production, spend money for advertising because you hope it will be seen and customers will choose your production. Newspapers, magazines, prospectuses, posters, advertising stands, pens, keychains - all this production have a place for www.brand-name.com

And the representative of your target group types the address. And there... We will create for you the WORLD of YOUR BRAND.

  • Competitions and lotteries;
  • Galleries of participants of lotteries and winners;
  • Different competitions with your product;
  • Interactive SMS games;
  • Flash games with use of your symbolics.
many other things.

We will develop the concept of an advertisment site thinking about your target audience, its features and predilections.

You need the memorable site, so visitors would like to recommend it to friends.

The site of your brand will be an integral element of popularisation of your product in the market, the tool of attraction of new buyers and increasing of sales.