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Creative Research Agency

Think, as it is difficult to change yourself, and you will understand insignificance of your possibilities to change others.

Voltaire (21.11.1694 — 30.05.1778) —
One of the largest French philosophers-educators of a XVIII-th century

Multipurpose platform for creation of portals and social networks.

The general possibilities of system.
  • Online shop of the physical goods. The catalogue of the goods categories, basket, system of discounts depending on quantity of purchases, module of payment by credit cards, e-cash, PayPal;
  • The closed sections of a site, where access is allowed after payment by credit cards, e-cash, PayPal or through SMS, reports;
  • The simplified system of sale of the electronic goods – custimer sents SMS – and gots access to a concrete file (or several) for a certain time;
  • Dispatch to the registered users (on the chosen social groups);
  • System of the advertising account on a portal (banner places, quantity of displays, clickability, etc.) with the detailed account of and another's banners;
  • The integrated bulletin board (categories, paid announcements);
  • integrated service PPC (pay per click) – advertisers give text announcements shown on portal and in social network, money undertakes only for cliques.