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Creative Research Agency

Though a man may be able to recite the three hundred Odes, yet if, when intrusted with a governmental charge, he knows not how to act or if, when sent to any quarter on a mission, he cannot give his replies unassisted, then notwithstanding the extent of his learning, of what practical use is it?

(Apprx. 551 BC — 479 BC) —
Chinese sophist and philosopher

The optimum decision for your enterprise after audit of information streams and existing program applications is necessary for you.

We offer a set of program mechanisms for the electronic commerce, necessary for building of virtual client office in the network, its presentation and active advancement.

  • Development or integration programs already existing at the enterprise into uniform computer system. To create the unified user interface with monitoring possibility of all business of processes of your enterprise;
  • Selection of the best CRM decisions of sales management (CRM-appendices allow tracing history of development of mutual relations with customers to the company to co-ordinate multilateral communications with regular clients and to manage sales and client-focused marketing on-line.
  • Pick up the best decision of management of sales;
  • Possibility of monitoring by administration of current processes at the enterprise - enterprise activity on your desktop, with the differentiated levels of access, ;
  • Creation of system for management enterprise includes:
    • Development or integration of database of production of various complexity.
    • Development or integration with accounting programs (warehouse) and client bases.
    • Electronic on-line production catalogues.
    • Forms of the order for distributors and their clients.
    • Service of on-line notifications - system of reports, dispatches, press releases.
    • On-line report feedback between the client and central office of the company.
    • System of planned and urgent works / tasks. Analogue of business planner.
    • Registration of users with various access level.
    • Creation of the administrative web interface for your management.
    • Portable systems of work registration.
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To develop and integrate the system for result monitoring of activity of your enterprise for improvement of effective work and increasing of your income.

This monitoring system allows To construct system able to trace process of work performance at various stages with possibility to analyze intermediate results / monitoring of processes.