Агентство креативных исследований
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Creative Research Agency

System integration of marketing tools for maintenance of social stability and balance of the public relations.

The organisation and support of marketing services in the market of Russia and EU.
Working out and embodiment in a life of ideas within the limits of challenges.

Services in management of projects in the marketing sphere where strengthening of brand positions in the market is necessary. Technical support of works on manufacturing of business tools for advancement in the market. Establishment of dialogue with the consumer in territory of Russia and some of EU countries. The organisation and support of advertising activity. Working out and an embodiment in a life of ideas within the limits of tasks in view.

Define the kind of service:

MARKETING – Marketing activity
We investigate:competitive products / consumer inquiries
We perform:advertising activity for trade marks, products and enterprises
We organize:technical support and formal maintenance
UNIQUENESS– Creation of a unique image and many other things
Image: Logos / a corporate style / design – we can develop it / renew
Polygraphy: COMPLETE control over printing process!!! Including an exclusive!!!
Video: Preview trailers / Placement of product at cinema
IT Construction – designing of Internet and intranet products / advertising sites
    Control systems of business-processes / social networks
EVENTS – the organisation and carrying out / public actions and charitable actions
    Thematic and corporate actions / conferences
PR – Public opinion formation


The complex use of technologies and tools of dialogue with a society in proportions known only to experts is the pledge of successful, open communications with the set target groups irrespective of product or service specificity.