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Creative Research Agency

The longest way appears the shortest,
It concerns not only roads.
It is necessary to remember it always.

Daidoji Yuzan
(1639—1730) —
The Japanese Samurai, historian, philosopher, moralist, military theorist.

We offer cooperation in creation of Internet systems of various level of complexity – we can work out presentation site as well as difficult control systems of enterprise activity.

The most demanded today are:

  • The Internet offices;
  • Systems co-ordinating work of regional representatives;
  • Internet shops with possibility to order and pay for given services;
  • Creation of specialised social networks;
  • News lines, photo- and video galleries;
  • Possible kinds of calculators and/or calculations for a various type of service and goods, with payment by means of bank cards and e-cash;

The group working with programm maintenance in our company offers the services in creation of Internet systems of any complexity from the technical project till start-up and support. For you:

  • Creation of design on the basis of existing style of your company or creation of style if necessary;
  • Working out of the concept of the Internet decision: staff in the site, structure, additional possibilities;
  • Creation programm maintenance accordingly your requirements;
  • Technical and program support of the project.

We create comfort for users in your Internet representation.