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Creative Research Agency

Move: 1000 new soft drinks it has been thrown out in the Japanese market in 1995. There was only 1 % in the market after a year.
Move faster: if you have a car made in 1990, you have to know that approximately 6 years have been spent for its working out. Today the majority of the companies is capable to develop new model just for two years.
Move even faster: Hewlet – Packard receives the big share of profit on the goods did not exist one year ago.
Start to move right now......

Kjell A. Nordstrom, International business institute
Jonas Ridderstråle, Scandinavian center for Management Development
The Stockholm School Of Economics

Development of style of internet shop.

Management of assortment:

  • The multilevel treelike qualifier of the goods with categories.
    • Adjustment of description fields of specifications.
    • The summary, goods’ code, the name,
    • one or more photos.

Management of deliveries.

  • Delivery dates, the control of the nearest deliveries;
  • Miniwarehouse, the price and quantity in a warehouse;
    • The control of the balance in a warehouse at sale,
    • The margin for promptness (fixed or percent).

Management of orders:

  • Paid orders;
  • Paid goods;
  • The goods status (ordered, paid, sent/ received on a warehouse, delivered);
  • The list of the executed orders and goods.

Shop connection to electronic system of payment by bank cards.

Organization and carrying out of advertising campaigns.