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Creative Research Agency

It is impossible to change consciousness of the person - it is possible to find out what in inside of him right now...

We use qualitative and quantitative methods at carrying out of sociological researches. For each order the unique research instrument that allows co-operating successfully as with various groups of buyers is created.

Research instrument creation includes working out and pilotage of toolkit of research (questionnaire, scheme of profound interview). Places of carrying out of interrogation are defined. After carrying out of research and quality check of questionnaires input, processing, interpretation of the data and creation of the report on the spent research is carried out.

Field research is spent directly in sale-points – the information is gathered in personal meetings and interviews. Interrogations are spent both with buyers, and with the potential buyer in sale-points or at service places. It considerably reduces possible risks of distortion of the objective information on product/service as we are in a real, operating situation where the product/service is near.

Work with focus groups allows understanding deep motivation of behaviour of people and their attitude to given service or product, as well as their collective and personal idea about product/service. We organize standard (4 – 6 persons) and expanded (up to 10 persons) focus groups, pair groups and three-person-interview.

The telephone survey is carried out accordingly structured questionnaire confirmed by client. After interrogation there is a selection of questionnaires by criteria interesting us, and then data processing and resume writing follows. It is possible to make MP3 records.

Deep interviews are carried out in the form of personal meeting under developed scenario. Such conversation allows to get extended answers, not like field research. At certain tasks it is possible to converse with 2 to 3 persons. It is possible to make MP3 records.

The method of Supervision or Audit of retail trade allows seeing the subjective attitude and personal perception of the buyer to various characteristics of product/service, to the level of shop and certain service.

Secret shopper – research method without prior information of sale-centre about research – this method allows to estimate quality and efficiency of personnel’s work. This method allows analyzing of various aspects of functioning of a shop from viewpoint of usual consumer. This method allows estimating conditions of trade, quality of servicing, information about quality of the goods/service.